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Astro Galaxy is a realistic online space exploration game. It's free to play and you only need a browser.

Space exploration has always been a dream of humankind. Since the 20'th century, the dream of exploring another star has haunted humanity. By gaining a deeper understanding of quantum physics and the use of exotic matter, the Wormhole Generator engine (WHG) is discovered. The new technology is vastly superior but required a tremendous amount of resources to develop. Thus, Earth is facing a shortage of resources...

The SOL Corporation is created, a coalition of all major powers dedicated to the exploration of space. The SOL Corporation manages the new technology and issues licenses for new space ships and space stations. Volunteer captains are recruited from the best and each captain is given a ship to start exploring / colonizing space. Vast opportunities arise for the new captains, as they expand and develop their fleets and outposts. In the depth of space, law is non-existent, conflicts for valuable resources are inevitable...

This is where your role begins, as a volunteer captain, you are given a small ship and command of a handful of personnel. You start from Earth orbit and will be able to explore the stars near and far away. And so it begins...

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Alpha Centauri

Arrive at Alpha Centauri, the closest star to Sol. Set a course for the big gas giant planet.
Can explore and colonize any planet / moon / belt.

Sirius: 8.6 Light Years from Sol->Earth

Blue giant and White dwarf binary star system.
Your ship detects an ocean environment planet and sets a course to it.

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